Anti-allergic & Hygienic 

Special finish of Classen laminate floors helps you to keep them as clean as never before. Tidy house means less allergy-causing dust-mites, pets' fur and pollens. What's more, selected products feature Cleancare System® with Microban® - the first antibacterial laminate surface with a physical effect. 

Extremely resistant to scratches, impacts and burns

Classen laminate floors are many times harder than wood and bamboo. Melamine resins in surface protection layer are filled with tiny particles of aluminium oxide, the fourth hardest substance on the world! At the same time lower layers protect your floor agains twisting and deformation. That means, that after many years Classen floor will look as stunning as in the day you laid it! The floor installed in our showroom in 2004 proves it.

Easy, no mess D.I.Y.

A laminate flooring has never been so fast, so easy or so simple to lay! The reason is the "EasyConnect®", the glue-less connect system with patented joint and Isowaxx® coating and latest development - Megaloc®, further simplifying and reducing time of installation. . Contact joints treated with Isowaxx® simply slide into place almost like magic and automatically seal themselves, for moisture-resistant and flexible connection! 




A renewable natural resource with excellent insulation properties. Up to -26 dB noise reduction from the rubber matt insulation is our most effective factory fitted underlay. And, there are 3 benefits in our most popular Alu Kombi Underlay - insulation against moisture, cold and sound.


Classen® floors are made from sustainable resources. Maintenance cuts and plantations are the source of timber for production of HDF. These floors, by being a reproduction of wood, save forests from cutting and milling. They don't contain any harmful substances or toxic chemicals. Read more in Prof. Rainer's Technical Position Paper.

Technical Position Paper
by Prof. Dr. Rainer Marutzky 


Classen® laminate flooring is engineered to be installed easily and last a lifetime. Here you can watch animated Installation Guide or download printable maintenance instructions. If you require further assistance or more information, do not hesitate to contact us.